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Our History


The Virginia Magistrates Association was established in 1974 for the purpose of addressing the needs and concerns of Magistrates across the Commonwealth of Virginia. The organization seeks to focus attention on relevant issues and concerns in the Legislature that may enhance and/or impact the Virginia Magistrate system. As an organization we hope to promote the Association with dignity and integrity through community awareness and through partnerships with other professional organizations.

Our Mission

Education: Promote awareness and cultural diversity within the magistrate system.

Representation: Aid and assist members concerning issues of the magistrate system. 

Advocacy: Act as a liason with OES and a voice for magistrates in the General Assembly.

Past Presidents

Honorable Bill Craig

Honorable Thomas Daisey, Jr.

Honorable Rosemary Harris

Honorable Dick Sanborn

Honorable Bill Shannon

Honorable James Simmons

Honorable Michael Wessel

Honorable Sandra Willis

Honorable Iris B. Tucker

Honorable Ray Stanfield

Honorable Wilson Talavera

Honorable Kara Akins

Avnel A. Coates

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