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The Virginia Magistrates Association (VMA) is thrilled to embark on the new membership year,
a testament to our collective efforts. The VMA has been diligently working to increase visibility
and membership, demonstrating our appreciation for magistrates, educating the public about our
crucial role, advocating for issues important to VMA members, and promoting transparency.
These achievements are a result of our united front, and we are proud to share them with you.
Over the past two years, our membership has steadily increased by 174 members! This growth is
not just a number but a testament to the increasing effectiveness of our organization. We
appreciate each and every one of you for joining and encourage you to inspire others to join.
Visit our blog and the member section of the website to explore the specific benefits and
opportunities for members in the 2023-2024 year. We also extend our congratulations to Region
4 for achieving 100% membership for the 3rd year in a row! As a token of our appreciation, all
members received a free gift from the VMA. For 100% district membership, the members in the
district will receive a coupon for the VMA store. Your membership is making a difference, and
we value your contribution.
We have achieved significant milestones in the 2023-2024 VMA membership year. The
association published the 2023 VMA Code Book Index, swore in a new vice president (Avnel
Coates), secretary (Shirelle Wiggins-Bailey), treasurer (Ethan Griffith), and new regional
representatives for the following regions: 5 (Mike Arizmendi), 7 (Barry Stock). VMA is
conducting surveys with members to address critical issues and shape our future. Your
participation is vital in amplifying our collective voice and impact. Join our committees to
leverage your talents and contribute to the association's growth. Visit our booths at regionals and
conferences to engage with representatives and show your support by purchasing exclusive
merchandise. Your active engagement at these events is key to our success and ensures we
continue growing and thriving together as an association. Recently, alongside First Vice
President Avnel Coates, I introduced new magistrates to our association and offered essential
support during their certification school, marking a pivotal moment in their journey into the
Magistrate System.

The big news for the 2023-2024 membership year was the VMA's continued goal and efforts for
a pay increase. The VMA submitted a 2021 Salary Pay Increase Request Letter to the Office of

the Executive Secretary ("OES") and DMS. On July 15, 2022, magistrates received a much-
needed and deserved pay increase, and starting salaries for new magistrates were increased. It is

a top priority with VMA to continue to advocate for pay increases for DMS employees. In 2023,
the VMA submitted the 2023 Compensation Improvement Request letter to OES and DMS, and
we will be on the lookout for OES's report required to be submitted to the VA General Assembly
regarding the effectiveness of the increases. Your active participation and support in these
advocacy efforts are crucial and greatly appreciated. It is your voice that is making a difference.
Our mission still needs to be completed. We are actively addressing other essential issues such as
magistrate supervision, retention, NOVA differential, additional positions, part-time roles,
training, education, and visibility. Achieving these goals requires your continued support and
active involvement. The increasing participation in our committees energizes us, and we
sincerely appreciate the invaluable contributions of current and past executive board and
committee members. Your commitment is the driving force behind our collective success. While
at the website, take time to revisit the Magistrate Spotlight program. This program awards a
nominated magistrate a $50.00 gift card for exemplary service. The nomination form and
requirements are available on the VMA's website.
We welcome current, former, and retired magistrates, chief magistrates, regional supervisors,
education staff, and all passionate about enhancing the Virginia Magistrate system. Your active
participation in committees, engagement with our advocacy efforts, and nominations for the
Magistrate Spotlight program are crucial in advancing our shared goals. We deeply appreciate
your continued support and dedication. Together, we will continue to make a positive difference
for our membership.
Thank you all for your continued support and engagement. Your contributions are invaluable,
and we look forward to your continued involvement as we strive to make a positive difference
for our membership.

Warm regards,
Seketta Skoloda
President, Virginia Magistrate Association


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