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Together we win.

Why Membership?

Magistrates fill a critical role in keeping the Commonwealth running. Around the clock we manage mental health crises, citizen disputes, criminal hearings, and a variety of intricate computer processes. We often have no idea what is about to come through our doors, but we handle it to the best of our ability. 


Out of 8.5 million people in Virginia, there are only around 400 of us. We are an exceptional group and we take our job seriously. We are proud of what we do. But we deserve dignity.


Dignity does not come easily. We have to fight for it. Magistrates have remained separated and powerless for too long. We deserve a say in the conditions of our employment, more pay, and safer working conditions. Together, we have power. Because without us, the justice system cannot function. 


Magistrates of Virginia: if we want our voices heard, let's come together and make it happen. Let's unify to improve the lives of ourselves, our families, and our communities!

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