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Virginia Magistrate Spotlight

Spotlight On:

Honorable Velber Harris

Magistrate Harris is a lifelong resident of Norfolk. She is a life-long member of Bethany Baptist Church singing in the choir and spearheading multiple community functions. As a single mother she's raised her adult son, enabling him to transition to independent living all while living with mental health challenges and Aspergers. Over the past 32 years, Magistrate Harris has dedicated herself, merging various professional career opportunities from various agencies to include, Portsmouth Police Department, Norfolk Magistrate Office, and Virginia Beach Magistrate. Customer Service and interaction with the public has always been in her work history. In all aspects of her personal and professional career she interacts with everyone including co-workers, citizens, bondsmen and all other entities of Law Enforcement with professionalism. She infuses a spiritual perspective into everything she does and how she chooses to handle multiple situations. She's able to assess  and de-escalate situations exhibiting empathy without being too empathetic. In her interactions with arrestees, Magistrate Harris is firm in her decisions, but fair. She is willing to go above and beyond to assist or help. She makes time even when she doesn't have time to give. In this position and maybe in life you rarely find a person of her caliber you'd be honored to call co-worker and friend.

Tamyra Whitehead

Magistrate - District 2, Region 7

Congratulations to Magistrate Harris!

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