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Virginia Magistrates Association

This is your one stop shop for all things VMA. Learn about the VMA and its leadership, the resources available to members, and stay up to date on the latest VMA related news!


Learn about the VMA, past and present. Get the latest news on what we're working on. Sign up for and renew your VMA membership. Access other VMA services. Stay up to date on what's going on within the Commonwealth of Virginia magistrate system.


While you're here, let us know how we can serve you better.

Next VMA Board Meeting

April 28, 2024 @11a

Email for the virtual link

Board meetings are open to members. 

Keyboard and Mouse

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Unity = Respect

There are over 400 magistrates serving the Commonwealth. When we come together to improve our work conditions, we can move mountains. We deserve a say in the essential work that we perform. And when we elevate our voices as one, we will be heard. 


Baseline, night shift, training, or holidays - Magistrates deserve more!


Are we protected on the job? Are quarters actually "suitable"?

our voice

Magistrates exist. We should be heard - both in the legislature and at OES.


You are not alone. Have a member to turn to when times get tough.


About VMA

Pride & Dignity 
We are active & retired magistrates from across Virginia that advocate for workplace fairness, respect, and excellence in serving the public. 

Thank You

We Are Essential
Like other essential workers, we put our wellness on the line every day to keep the justice system running. We are working hard for that recognition. 
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